International Metals Group

Who We Are?

International Metals Group puts dealers in control of their trading business.

Whether trading with Precious Metals International (PMI) in real time or checking on daily specials; your starting point is the International Metals Group Dashboard.

From the Trading Platform you can trade, buying or selling, with PMI.

After locking your prices and finalizing the trade, there are many options for shipping.

You can choose to have items held for shipping instructions, shipped directly to you at your address at record, stored in a PMI depository or drop-shipped directly to a customer.

Viewing historical trading information is easy too. Look at each trade online to manage your shipping instructions and see tracking information. Should you want to do some analysis on your trade history, analytics are available as well.

You can view all of your buys and sells to PMI, or you can simply analyze your trades by metal type.

Whether trading, managing your own data, viewing and updating trades, or simply downloading your data to Excel; International Metals Group is your tool for precious metals information and trading.

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What We Do?

International Metals Group is a Limited Liability Company registered in Florida, specializing in Immediate Delivery of Physical Precious Metals Bullion products. International Metals Group uses the shipping and depository facilities of Precious Metals International Ltd. (PMI) who has been serving the wholesale and retail market since 2001. Under a professional and comprehensive leadership, International Metals Group provides clients with the best customer experience in the industry.

International Metals Group’s goal is to build long-term loyalty with our clients through outstanding service. Whether your primary objective is profit or wealth protection, International Metals Group has the experience, expertise and resources to serve your Precious Metals Bullion products needs. Our ability to trade through PMI’s trading desks in international wholesale markets provides International Metals Group with the opportunity to offer competitive wholesale prices to our customers.

We have access to immediate shipping and receiving facilities on an International Level. All customer information is protected. The privacy and security of our clients is a constant priority of our business.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide our clients with secure shipments of Bullion that are professionally handled in a timely manner. Our clients never have to worry about the delivery process as International Metals Group guarantees the delivery of each shipment.

International Metals Group clients have the choice of Immediate home delivery or Immediate delivery into their account with Precious Metals International Ltd. for storage, ease of liquidity, and use of PMI's collateralized financing facilities.

If you wish to enquire further regarding International Metals Group directly contact Precious Metals International, Ltd. and they will respond to any inquiries. They will be pleased to supply you with a general reference of the company. All inquiries should be done in the name of International Metals Group.

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International Metals Group Offers

Buy and Sell in one-ounce increments.

Product can be Purchased or Liquidated online or by a single phone call.

Up to the minute market quotes.

International secure third-party storage of bullion.

Receive full monthly statements and our weekly memo.

Low ownership fees.

Home delivery available at any time in various fabricated forms.

Online access to your account with a registered PIN.

Collateralized financing available for non-U.S. residents.

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