Silver to hit $50/oz by year end, to outperform Gold in a few years

NEW YORK: The poor man’s gold, silver could easily reach as high as $50 per ounce by year end and even skyrocket to $100/oz over the next few years; significantly outperforming gold, said Stephen M Smith, Managing Member of Smith McKenna, LLC.
The price of silver is largely undervalued right now. It is also the perfect time for silver investors to amplify their physical silver investment portfolios.

The current spot price of silver has been relatively stable in the mid $20 range, with many analysts agreeing that it is substantially undervalued in its historic relationship and ratio to gold.
Investing in precious metals for capital gains is all about the right position and the right knowledge.

One important factor is the price paid for that investment and the barriers to entry for silver are more attractive than they have been in a long time; silver is cheap right now.

Many people miss out on opportunities to invest at the low end before market booms because of fear, lack of knowledge or just flat out uncertainty in unfamiliar territory. Most people just don’t know where to start.

Stephen M Smith agrees that knowledge, pricing and the right position are everything when it comes to investing in precious metals.

He firmly believes that silver’s next boom is going to experience ‘no slowdown’ like it did in 2011, potentially making a lot of people very wealthy. Investors shouldn’t overlook silver; the dollar is depreciating right now and could get a lot worse.

“Did you know that silver might be a better investment vehicle than your IRA/401k. You must own the physical asset howwever, and steer clear of futures, derivatives and ETFs,”said Smith.

The current global cues like money printing and stimulus efforts in Europe, and the ratio of silver to gold being out of whack could be a strong recipe for bullish success and wealth creation for those who invest in silver.

The current ratio is approximately 58:1, whereas its traditional and expected ratio is around the 30:1 ballpark range. As history repeats itself, like it has consistently done for decades, silver has a large ratio gap to close which could send the price of silver into the$50/oz range.
Commodities are an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio, especially because they are finite in supply. Less supply of silver and more demand is a winning combo for investors who hold physical silver.

Last year, according to The Silver Institute, there was only 1% in new mined silver added to supply. Silver is used for jewelry, investing, and is an industrial metal with exceptional properties of strength and conductivity that is tied to the pharma, electronics and solar panel industries to name a few.

As global manufacturing increases for these sectors with China a key player, limited above ground supply, and the value ratio gap resolved; the price of silver is likely to rise swiftly and steadily.

3 Year Silver chart

3-Year Silver chart

Silver 3-Year chart

Silver 3-Year chart


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